What is Customer Service of the Year?


Customer Service of the Year is an award for outstanding customer service. Now in our 5th year, we compete the very best in each industry sector against each other, awarding the top providers of customer service our prestigious Customer Service of the Year award to use across all communications, advertising and PR for a year – so you can show your customers just how good you really are!


We already know we have great customer service. Why should we enter Customer Service of the Year?


Winning Customer Service of the Year is a completely independent, well-respected accolade, so that you can prove to your customers and competitors that you have the best customer service in the industry. You will receive extensive PR and marketing support to help you leverage your win to see the greatest success. As well as our prestigious logo, you will also receive an extensive, exclusive and in-depth research report, so that you can build on your strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that you always offer your customers the very best customer service.



I already enter another customer service award.


It’s great that you’re already competing in other customer service awards! Customer Service of the Year, however, is a bit different. While other customer service awards will pitch you against companies that aren’t relevant to you simply on the size of your call centre. Customer Service of the Year competes businesses within the same sector (e.g. utilities company v. utilities company, travel agent v. travel agent) so that you can see how you compare in the market. Plus, you get a full copy of the research – a detailed and in-depth report to help you see where you could be improving.


What does the research report consist of?


Our research is conducted by Kantar TNS, the world’s leading research company.  It’s robust and independent to give you a true snapshot of how your customers really feel about you. You will be able to see how you performed across a variety of sectors (telephone, social, email, website) and how this compares to your sector as a whole, with any strengths and weaknesses highlighted. Plus, you will receive hundreds of verbatims from our real mystery shoppers, so you can pinpoint exactly where to improve.


Sounds good. Can I enter for the research alone?


Once entered you are committed to the whole process, including costs should you win. However, winning gives many benefits beyond the research. We can give you a full, in-person debrief to help you understand how to launch your win into a successful customer service campaign. Winning gives you a huge advantage over your competitors as you can use the logo in advertising, marketing and communications for a year – so you can convert your win into sales.


What’s the advantage to winning?


You get our prestigious logo to use across all advertising, marketing and communications for a year – drawing new customers to you for your astounding customer service! Plus, all our winners feature in our media partners, including The Sun and Haymarket – to give you unparalleled media coverage and support throughout the year.


What’s the winners fee for?


Winners pay for the license to use the Customer Service of the Year logo across all their marketing, communications, packaging and advertising for a year. You’ll be featured in our media partners – The Sun and Haymarket – and you also get ongoing support to help you make the most of your win, including a face-to-face debrief and personalised advice throughout the year. Plus, all our winners gain an unparalleled PR and marketing tool so you can stand out from your competitors – it’s worth every penny!


  • “We are very honoured to win Customer Service of the Year twice in two years. ”
    Sally Scott, Managing Director,
    vente-privee UK
  • “Acer UK is delighted to have been awarded the Customer Service of the Year accolade for 2016”
    Andy Rivett, Senior Service Manager, UK & Commercial Northern EMEA,
  • “This award is fantastic recognition for the many people involved in delivering outstanding customer care at match.com. ”
    Matthew Taghioff, Customer Care Manager,
  • “There is no better rating than the one by our customers.That's why winning Customer Service of the Year is something we are very proud of.”
    Karine SLAVICEK, in charge of training for the head of customer service at ,
    Staples JPG


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