4 Ways Customer Service Can Benefit Your Business

It’s Time to Focus on the Social Customer Experience


Fantastic customer service has a broad impact on businesses’ top line and bottom line, so it’s no wonder the precedence of today’s business leaders is to boost revenue by concentrating on the Customer Experience (CE).


The 21st century has seen a huge rise in digital innovations – from touchscreens to swiping, social media platforms to personalisation and much more – helping to introduce new ways of communicating with customers, and in-turn broadening the CE. In fact Social Media provides one of the best methods for solving customer queries.


Seeing the exceptional rate that Social Media is growing, focusing on Social Customer Service as part of the customer experience is an essential consideration for businesses nowadays. After all, it has essentially re-worked the buying cycle and helped to drive the evolution of customer service to a newer, faster and more convenient way of connecting with customers.


Today’s Social Customer…


The explosive growth of Social Media has led to the rise of a new type of customer, the Social Customer. So, who exactly is today’s Social Customer? Well, they include everyone’s that’s an active participant of Social Media. And given that the internet has in excess of 3.5 billion users today; companies are beginning to take their Social Customers very seriously.


An estimated 90% of businesses will be using Social Media for customer service come 2020, making its implementation more important than ever before. Besides, knowing the statistics behind your social network usage can ensure you’re far more understanding of your customer’s needs.


So, for those of you who haven’t yet perfected your Social Customer Service strategy, now might be a good time to do so, and here’s why…


4 Benefits of Social Customer Service:


• Heightened Efficiency

Compared with traditional, voice-based contact centre agents, social CRM agents can manage up to four to eight times more high-value interactions. So, not only can social channels enable you to heighten the customer experience, they can also help save your business money.


• Increased Customer Spend

Consumers who interact with a company through social media are likely to spend 20-40% more compared to those who don’t. So, providing a robust, customer-centric service via social media can increase spends and boost sales. Quality interactions really can make the difference between the service you provide and that of your competitors.


• Quick & Straight-Forward

81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform, and for all the good that it can do for your business, such as quicker responses to customer queries, improved communication of your latest promotions, advice for purchasing decisions etc., it’s relatively quick and easy to maintain (once you know how).


• Brand Protection

Social Customer Service can be utilised to tackle dissatisfaction surrounding your brand at the earliest stage. Given the significant quantity of poor customer experiences shared online currently, and how this is the largest cause of social media crises for businesses, being able to quash such negativity at the earliest warning sign, can help protect your brand.


The CSOY Social Media Process


One final tip… no matter how you feel when a customer complains about your company on social media, it’s essential that you always respond. The response needn’t be lengthy, in fact, a short and concise response is best. So, try not to be defensive, be human and always suggest a solution.


When monitoring customer care, Kantar TNS, the UK’s biggest independent market research company, looks at how customers are treated online and through social media, helping our team at Customer Service of the Year to uncover the very best in customer service. If you’re looking to improve your Social Customer Service, try to consider that in order to win an award of excellence in customer service, researchers will look at the time it takes for companies to respond and the quality of their responses to social media queries. For more information about Customer Service of the Year, or how to enter, contact us today.

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